Limestone Creek Pecans

Limestone Creek Pecans sells fresh from the tree all-natural Elliot pecans


About Elliot Pecans

Elliot (yes, it only has one "t") is a pecan variety that originally developed from a seedling tree in the yard of Henry Elliot's house in Milton, Florida in 1912. The tree was then propagated at Harlan Farms Nursery in Paxton, Fla and released in 1925.

Elliot is one of the few pecan varieties that has had excellent disease resistance since its release nearly 100 years ago. For this reason it is grown with fewer inputs than are many other pecan varieties.

The Elliot nut has a tear-drop shaped appearance. After the nut is shelled, the kernels have a crunchy, buttery-sweet taste with a high oil content and are the perfect size for cooking, baking, a salad topping, or preferably as simply a healthy snack.